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I can’t stop laughing

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That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

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My walls are built so high that there’s no hope for anyone to break them down


Relationships suck, you either get married or breakup 

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Sasha Grey for Equal Pay Day - Video

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It’s a pretty shitty feeling when you’ve just watched a famous ex porn star be allowed in a campaign to reaffirm her autonomy by embracing her time in the adult industry as a choice she is proud of, only to view the ending clip reading “find a better alternative.” Generally the only time people put money behind putting an ex adult film star in front of a camera is to discuss tragedies and injustices that happened to them while working in the industry, which is important and deserves attention, but I was excited by the chance of an ex adult star not having to publicly rebuke their experience just to be allowed to seem worth listening to. Yet the campaign pretty much dismisses what she says as an example of what women shouldn’t *have* to do to make an equal wage, yet her whole point was that it was a choice. I get what they’re getting at, but did they have to blatantly /use/ sex workers to make their point? Heavily let down by this one, personally. *shrug*

wait, you actually dont see the fact that the only way a woman is more succesfull than a man is because of her sexuality, her ability to please them? that is what she is arguing, you can be whoever you want to be, but that doesn’t mean that you have to earn less because your choice is not sexual. That is the whole point of the video.

Sex work/sex workers isn’t/aren’t all about pleasing men, let’s just clear that up out of the gate. Also, I said that I understand the point they’re trying to get at, but they don’t use her explicit and crude description of her work in the adult industry as a way to empower the viewer or send a ‘respect her choice’ message. You, as a viewer, heard her words and decided that for yourself. I promise you there were people who watched that who didn’t immediately or eventually respect her confidence in her choice, because there was no actual call in the campaign to do so, and there are people who don’t believe in respecting sex workers choices, period, so that certainly wasn’t the point. The campaign uses her crudeness to make you, the general viewer, uncomfortable enough to reflect that that isn’t something other women should *have* to do to make an equal wage when you see the last two frames. Practically everything that Grey said was irrelevant by the end slates. The campaign advertisement really sends some conflicting messages about how we should feel about sex work when you’re introduced to the campaign’s only contribution, the conclusion for the message, which is to ‘find a better alternative’. I’m not saying everyone should do porn, not everyone is cut out for or would enjoy sex work, but don’t get a well known ex adult star to proudly reaffirm her choice just to say ‘but you don’t have to make that choice, don’t worry! let’s talk about wage gaps!’. They could have even made their point about porn without totally wasting Grey’s time bothering to be empowered by her choice when their (the campaign) only point is that her choice shouldn’t be one you have to make.

Not to mention, they completely invalidate their own point by keeping in the clip of her stating that as a nurse she was paid more than the doctors, who were most likely mostly men.

This ad is all kinds of confused, to be honest.